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ERP Resource Center

Selecting a new ERP solution does not need to be a complex decision and these tools will help you make the right choice and save you money.

Analyst report: ERP Selection, Finding the Right Fit 2012
Finding a needle in a haystacks is hard, but the task pales in comparison to finding a specific needle in a pile of needles. Selecting the ideal Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution from among the numerous options on the market can feel like just as daunting a challenge. Read this Aberdeen white paper to learn more about how to select the right solution for your company.

White Paper: How To Choose Between Generic and Industry Specific ERP Systems
You might have several reasons for needing a new ERP system, but with so many options, how do you make the right choice? If you’re wondering whether a generic or an industry-specific solution is the best fit, or how to start the ERP selection process, you’re not alone. This article suggests ways to simplify your ERP selection process and points out the differences between industry-specific and generic ERP solutions.

White Paper: Top five operational improvements for today's small and midsize manufacturer
Looking for innovative ways to differentiate your company in the competitive marketplace? Understanding customers’ needs in great detail is essential to positioning your company ahead of the competition. This white paper discusses the innovation and streamlining of your organization’s processes to ultimately meet your customer’s value stream; improving odds for continued business in the future.

Analyst report: ERP in Manufacturing 2012, the Evolving ERP Strategy
This year's research from Aberdeen Group will not only show how manufacturers perform based on their ERP implementation, but also look at the impact of the overall ERP Strategy. This Aberdeen benchmark explores Best-in-Class approaches to their ERP strategy and performance.

White Paper: Three key areas to reduce costs with lean techniques
While the principles behind lean techniques can be applied to nearly any business, the term “lean” is most often associated with process improvement and cost reduction in manufacturing. Most businesses ascribe to the notion of continuous process improvement, one key area of focus being the flow of product from supplier to customer. Read more about how lean techniques are tailored to drive out costs in key processes.

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