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An Inspiring Global Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solution

To remain competitive in today's global economy, businesses must operate online and in real time. The world has changed, and, fortunately, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) has too. Force 9 provides a global ERP platform and enterprise applications from Epicor® that help customers effectively and efficiently automate and streamline their essential business functions, inspiring them to focus on their core, revenue-generating activities, deliver value to their own customers, and grow.

The global ERP system Force 9 provides represents a game changing opportunity for business. It is designed for the way people work today, yet has the robust functionality and ease-of-access to support how people will work tomorrow.

Force 9 delivers real-time, in context business insight through an unprecedented ERP system that drives continuous improvement. At the core is an adaptable and collaborative business architecture that satisfies the needs of any enterprise―regardless of country, industry, or device―inspiring business everywhere.

Inspired ERP Inspires Performance

Inspired ERP Inspires Performance
Explore the Epicor ERP Virtual Tour to find detailed product information on the newest ERP release, Epicor ERP version 10.

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